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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 14, 2013 9:45pm-10:01pm EDT

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things in a complementary way with volunteers some so the emergency committee on employment and he tries to get together all the other agencies of the state and local government in a the red cross to coordinate information about unemployment for the relief effort. he tries to use the federal government in a non coercive way to encourage voluntary organizations to know how they can get involved. >> host: we have a caller from texas. >> caller: this is a great series. says i visited the hoover museum and library and what
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was lou fascination of the importer to flour sacks? >> those sacks that you saw the red actually embroidered by the women of belgium and sold as a way to help them raise money after world war i to purchase food. >> host: next is a call from john in the california. >> caller: thank you for taking the call. my mother's family is from cranston and four died jay and waterloo in iowa in my mother was nicknamed teefourteteefourte en appear leave my mother family knew that they were involved of the republican and i was a party.
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a way i am dragging. thank you very much. [laughter] >> host: in that we have personal connections. we have that approach to these stories how do we respond? >> it is important to recognize first ladies always get a request for help whether to send money or to say the spouse is a post master reported they could word with the presidents of when she was asking for requests for how she had to determine how many were traditional and how many were legitimate? ag had a network of women friends across the country and she got a letter that she thought might have legitimacy she would pass it on to a friend that was in the area and ask them to
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check it out in find out if this is a legitimate need it to favorite benefit from the assistance. if she got the word back that this is a small assistance would help then lou anonymously sent monday to help the person but then she would also ask whoever was the transmitter to keep an eye out and zookeeper posted. >> host: as the depression deepened there was us creator -- creation of a community called hooverville also of march in washington how much of society was
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affected a and how did this affect the public perception? >> by 1932 you have over 20 percent of klay bid at that point so everybody knows someone who has lost their job and facing economic hardship and there is the increasing protest with the bonus marchers the most prominent. these are veterans from world war i id 1824 had the additional payments for that to match your and 8845. but they had passed over the ted 1891 and they say we're suffering now and cannot
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wait with the full payment of their produce. what passed a certain amount and they had passed that over the veto. there is over 7,000 of them did invade push congress to push i believe then there is the situation of 10,000 but a hoover makes a move where he asks them to help move the of marchers in then that
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turns into the incredibly graphic and violence episode began to general macarthur passes his orders with some very violent means so this is the summer of 1932 with the election. >> you can see the capitol right behind how close it is. >> this does not look good at all for hoover or lowe's psyche is concerned. >> the stress on the hoovers had to be enormous they established a retreat to outside of washington in the shenandoah mountains and then we will have you talked about how they entered as people and as a couple during the depression. >> the first time the
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hoovers came was by horseback there was no roads just on a horse trail to come up to a the headwinds where there was sandwiched between two small streams in those days it was $5 an acre it was 164 beautiful acres she was instrumental in the design of the camp and shows her love of nature and simplicity which she enjoyed about being outdoors wrapped up into a building which was the opposite of what they had. they try to create a retreat where they could relax to get back to nature. lou wanted the house to be as much outside as possible so have it designed the windows would help been in
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the screens to let the air in so she could smell the outdoor smalls into room she could be inside the field outside but the sun porch was there office and it had windows surroundings so the light was natural and there is not many lights no electric lights in is called natural sunlight. she had a desk and chair where she would spend hours writing letters and much what we know comes from her letters that she wrote. they have the fireplace built to enjoy campfires all evening long and many guest would sit here on the porch. mrs. hoover loved the smell of the campfire and she
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wanted to have that snow all day long. this is one of her gardens she wanted them to be very informal issues quoted as saying to be a little wild meaning she did not want formal beds just everything out there randomly the path lined with rocks to find your way but nothing outstanding but she wanted it to blend dan. this rock structure is it lou's fountain made out of rock from the local area and this is a rock guarded she referred to as a rock to begin that was heard the of the of geology. >> did help? >> it did for what was going
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on with the depression and the demands of them id of the negativity and the difficulty having to get any agenda through congress. they realized early on they had to find a way to get out of washington on a regular basis-- located the property at the shenandoah mountains a and she designed the house and they went there as frequently as they could but they never went alone. fairly frequently with friends and people from government. and one report when hundred thousand dollars was spent to lay the phone lines that was a considerable amount of money. >> host: were they conscious thought of the perception they were camping what people were in the hooverville?
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>> but as part of spending time there they discovered the children who lived in the region had never been to school. >> host: let's watch that clip. >> host: we are getting ready then we will have it available here is a caller from texas. [applause] >> caller: i was wondering if he said i hav have heard he did not accept a salary also i heard president kennedy did not except a salary and they said that each time they read the only president so did hoover donate the money to charity? >> i don't know about kennedy be he did not accept a salary with any servant
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position if he kept separate accounts and he worked for free for the relief of belgium and once he went into government he could not say don't pay me so he takes the salary to put it into a separate account and to distributed through charity. >> host: here is a question from facebook what about entertaining? >> they had to do the official entertaining but they did some of their own stock that would be considered the official entertaining and that would have come out of their own funds. as i mentioned earlier they paid for their own staff and lou paid for their own secretary. >> host: was this known to the public? >> guest: no. >> host: why not?
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[laughter] >> guest: bert press secretary just baked people to let them max of tightness or charity or a riccio to use also it lou would run her own shop there is nobody to tell her what she might to how the public perceived her so what made them so wonderful was also that that would have so much difficult perception of who they were. >> host: will now show the clip of lou with the children. >> tell me the names of these mountains. sometimes you call it ragged mountain? what about that side? and where is my camp? over there. that is very nice.
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>> what is the hoover school? >> it was established by the hoovers after they had encountered some local families that lived in the area they realize these children had never attended public schools so they went about with their own fund to build the school then worked with the state of virginia to hire a teacher in the interview did teacher they contacted the college in the kentucky it appellation at that does a pitchout to prepare people for working with a community such as this one. the hoovers funded it ever took the state to make sure the teacher was funded in it stayed in the place into the park over to the area to several was the most challenging part of the depression for lou to deal
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with? >> guest: that is a tough question probably what she saw it do to bert. >> host: how was she with the media? you talked about him but did she give formal interviews? >> guest: she did not. . .


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